Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't get pissed

Don't get pissed.

Going through life has uphill battles, downward spirals, with occasional valleys to rest. Recent moments in life prove to exclude the valleys for some reason. A general dream of relief comes to mind; however, relief is not always in the context or timing we anticipate or hope. Overall outcome is produced from the energy through all events one experiences.

To get into the body of my thoughts a bit, life went south, quickly.

Backgrounds and determination prove to enhance a life's present, and future outlook. Hence, a reason to well document the paths of life, and build historical reference points to draw from in future endeavors. One will need the past to provide guidance towards success. Learning to utilize ones history to enhance life, or progress quickly through the ruts of life is key to a greater outcome.

Luckily the paths I put myself on, has proved to build me up, and avoid getting stuck in the ruts of life. Bouncing back to full-swinging life quickly shows strength, and the determination I proved to myself. I cannot be stopped easy. Areas of life I am not knowledgeable in, I might fall, however, I obtain the power to overcome and pull through those times strong and quick. I reflect daily on life, and analyze everything I do. The past is not changeable; however, one can prevent making mistakes repeatedly. Using the information from my life to date, I recover fast, proven.

Thanks to all the people who have tested me, I am coming out on top.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to get $3,814 of Jack Daniel's?

So, how to get $3,814 of Jack Daniel's? Work for the U.S. Department of State!

The article states, "the booze buy wasn't unusual."

Then the next part states, "Last year alone, the State Department sent taxpayers tabs totaling nearly $300,000 for alcoholic beverages — about twice as much compared to the previous year."

Good going. Going broke, but blowing the tax money as quick as possible. The article states several other bills much higher, but, I wont bore you with this garbage. Read the article and cry.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood on Healthcare

I'm rather busy at the moment, but I sat down and emailed a letter to Attorney General Jim Hood of Mississippi asking for a legal suit to be filed against the healthcare reform bill. Here is my quick letter below. I urge everyone to email\call your attorney general and urge them to also file suit against this bill. 

"I am writing to urge Attorney General Jim Hood to file suit over the healthcare reform bill. I feel the bill blatantly violates my constitutional rights. I am deeply troubled to find this bill being considered and taxed into my life and future generations. The extended government control in our life is unacceptable and appalling; along with the expanded taxing rights the IRS will be given. As a Mississippian, I request a suit be filed and acted upon promptly. Under the 10th Amendment there is protection provided from an overbearing federal government. This bill is completely overbearing and suffocating to implement for the nation, especially Mississippi. I understand the need for healthcare, however, I do not believe the immature lack of planning for the future of a populace should be taxed to me. There is college and the military which will greatly enhance the potential of getting healthcare through ones own works, not a handout for being lazy. The statistics in the news forgets to mention the millions of individuals whom opt out of healthcare due to being healthy, young, no self-value, or piss-poor upbringing from the parental figures. Signed Kevin Burr, a deeply concerned 22 year old College student from a family who has worked to get EVERYTHING they have, who's father quit a higher paying job when his family's health declined and took a lower paying job with great benefits. It's about sacrifice of people and proper upbringing. I do not believe the government should step-up to force healthcare, or penalize the ones who opt out of it. I boldly ask this letter get passed through the proper channels and a suit be filled."

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The wrong consistancy in politics

The article title of what I am reading looks like this: "Spy chiefs turn on President Obama after seven CIA agents are slaughtered in Afghanistan." Now honestly, the spewing words of tainted pleasure are disgusting to the eyes and ears. While reading this article, I became a bit more furious with the words of our President Obama's recent speeches.

On one day President Obama, while talking about the CIA states there is, "systemic failures" in the agency. Lets break out a dictionary please, just to keep things in context. SYSTEMIC: Systemic means affecting the whole of something. FAILURES: Failure is a lack of success in doing or achieving something. In other words, the CIA is not good for anything, a waste, COMPLETELY USELESS. Because nothing that is wholly unsuccessful, a systemic failure.

On the next day, only a single day past the systemic failure speech, President Obama apologizes for the preposterously unprofessional systemic failure remark? NOPE. What happens is he acts like nothing happened, as he is preaching to a separate choir. Tell one set of people one thing, the next set another. Hope no one catches on to your uneducated remark. This days speech was about the eight CIA agents getting killed in combat. The eight systemic failures who was fighting for our freedom. The systemic failures that have been keeping us safe for year past, present, and if President Obama would see fit to allow, the future. Obama "lauded the victims as ‘part of a long line of patriots who have made great sacrifices for their fellow citizens and for our way of life'". So now these guys are being called hero's? Kind-of looks like it. "In a statement, he said the CIA had been ‘tested as never before’ and that agents had ‘served on the front lines in directly confronting the dangers of the 21st century.'"

Make your own judgments in this case, but just remember, the CIA was highly offended by our Presidents remarks. ‘One day the President is pointing the finger and blaming the intelligence services, saying there is a systemic failure,’ said one agency official. ‘Now we are heroes. The fact is that we are doing everything humanly possible to stay on top of the security situation. The deaths of our operatives shows just how involved we are on the ground.'"

NO statement should have been said using the words systemic failure. Almost nothing is a systemic failure, so at the very least there is extremely poor word selection. But really, I myself would like to complement the CIA for there work! Thanks for my freedom, and there volunteering to lose their lives for me and my country. I can never repay or even price the sacrifice made. CIA, you are NOT a systemic failure, no matter what others will say. Great job, great job. My grandfather was a OSS/CIA agent, I know he would have been pissed to high heaven hearing this Presidential remark.

Article cited:

Sunday, December 27, 2009


United States Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, you sir hold you tone well. Very nice composure, unlike the "other side" shouting about pressure, pressure, pressure, and the attack, attack, attack, and so on.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pelosi's emergency meeting.

A push for the ‘robust’ public option...

As the article states, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to push back the notion she lacks the votes for a “robust” public option."

Pelosi is determined to instate a Public Option at all costs, even if the rest of her party does not support her. "Pelosi had a difficult time admitting that her caucus was not prepared to accept a "robust public option" in the Democratic bill." THEN, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a Democrat from S.C. said, “We are still in the process of determining which public option suits the majority of our caucus.” "Pelosi said unequivocally, however, that 'at the end of the day we will have a public option in our legislation.'"

PUSH, PUSH, PUSH... Squeeze as hard as you can. Eventually, I am sure someone is weak enough to give in. *cough* (Olympia Jean Snowe McKernan) *cough* However, I thought you was not SUPPOSED to be able to draw blood from a turnip. I guess in politics, it is totally possible? Looks like it.

Ponder this a while. Remember, when you vote for "change," realize what you are supporting, endorsing, and putting your name on the line for. "Change" has been a platform used repetitively, and a ever popular campaign slogan for a couple hundred years, just looking at in the United States.


Seeking out more money...

Think about the income you make. Dream about how much money constitutes "a lot." In your mind, is a lot of money in the thousands? millions? billions? maybe even trillions?

Now lets switch into a fantasy thinking mode.

Wouldn't it be nice to print and spend money as you pleased? For sure! That must be a fantasy, right? Not entirely. For regular common Americans, if we printed more money, that would equal major jail time. So yeah, print and spend would not workout for the common American. However, what if you are the government; can you print and spend money as you please? In a round about way, yes. The U.S. Government does it all the time.

Here is a interesting excerpt from a article, "When the Fed wants to raise money for the government it sells government bonds. The more bonds it sells the more money it raises. As long as there are buyers the government can raise as much money as it needs. If the buyers grow skittish the government can raise the yield on the bonds to make them more attractive. Most of the time the Treasury sells bonds either to private investors of governments like China. But it can also sell them to the Federal Reserve. When the Fed buys bonds it can pay for them simply by printing money."

Chew on this for a while. Think before you vote again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Healthcare on the cheap, yo!

"We're in an excellent place with the cost, given the information that we have," Pelosi stated, when discussing the healthcare "reform" bill. It's a good thing to know we have an extra $900 billion laying around, right? Well, it would be nice. A look at the United States "Total Public Debt Outstanding" as reported from, an official government site. The United States owes $11,952,611,405,769.02 as of 10/19/2009.

Lets digest what I have typed so far. We owe $11,952,611,405,769.02, and "We're in an excellent place with the cost, given the information that we have," said Pelosi. I do not think rocket science is needed in determining we do not have $900 billion extra to spend.

The plans listed so far do NOT include the goverment-run insurance; however, Pelosi "has repeatedly said the final House bill will include a strong government-run health insurance option." ( So one can only speculate and wonder, how much will this bill be once this option gets added. Not to mention, the much added socialistic controls and impending loss of freedom ahead, if a full/significant size government run health system comes along.

Article: House healthcare bill under $900 billion: Pelosi