Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood on Healthcare

I'm rather busy at the moment, but I sat down and emailed a letter to Attorney General Jim Hood of Mississippi asking for a legal suit to be filed against the healthcare reform bill. Here is my quick letter below. I urge everyone to email\call your attorney general and urge them to also file suit against this bill. 

"I am writing to urge Attorney General Jim Hood to file suit over the healthcare reform bill. I feel the bill blatantly violates my constitutional rights. I am deeply troubled to find this bill being considered and taxed into my life and future generations. The extended government control in our life is unacceptable and appalling; along with the expanded taxing rights the IRS will be given. As a Mississippian, I request a suit be filed and acted upon promptly. Under the 10th Amendment there is protection provided from an overbearing federal government. This bill is completely overbearing and suffocating to implement for the nation, especially Mississippi. I understand the need for healthcare, however, I do not believe the immature lack of planning for the future of a populace should be taxed to me. There is college and the military which will greatly enhance the potential of getting healthcare through ones own works, not a handout for being lazy. The statistics in the news forgets to mention the millions of individuals whom opt out of healthcare due to being healthy, young, no self-value, or piss-poor upbringing from the parental figures. Signed Kevin Burr, a deeply concerned 22 year old College student from a family who has worked to get EVERYTHING they have, who's father quit a higher paying job when his family's health declined and took a lower paying job with great benefits. It's about sacrifice of people and proper upbringing. I do not believe the government should step-up to force healthcare, or penalize the ones who opt out of it. I boldly ask this letter get passed through the proper channels and a suit be filled."

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e. l. wood said...

keep up the fight, superdawg! you da' man!