Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't get pissed

Don't get pissed.

Going through life has uphill battles, downward spirals, with occasional valleys to rest. Recent moments in life prove to exclude the valleys for some reason. A general dream of relief comes to mind; however, relief is not always in the context or timing we anticipate or hope. Overall outcome is produced from the energy through all events one experiences.

To get into the body of my thoughts a bit, life went south, quickly.

Backgrounds and determination prove to enhance a life's present, and future outlook. Hence, a reason to well document the paths of life, and build historical reference points to draw from in future endeavors. One will need the past to provide guidance towards success. Learning to utilize ones history to enhance life, or progress quickly through the ruts of life is key to a greater outcome.

Luckily the paths I put myself on, has proved to build me up, and avoid getting stuck in the ruts of life. Bouncing back to full-swinging life quickly shows strength, and the determination I proved to myself. I cannot be stopped easy. Areas of life I am not knowledgeable in, I might fall, however, I obtain the power to overcome and pull through those times strong and quick. I reflect daily on life, and analyze everything I do. The past is not changeable; however, one can prevent making mistakes repeatedly. Using the information from my life to date, I recover fast, proven.

Thanks to all the people who have tested me, I am coming out on top.


e. l. wood said...

stay strong, superdog! you've got what it takes to do great things.

e. l. wood said...

oh, yeah. and vote early and often tomorrow. i know you're probably already a poll watcher, so enjoy the next 48 hours. it'll be fun. after that, the work begins (i hope).